Tamil Sangam Welcomes our new Consul General of India Mr Ramesh BABU

Réception consul de l’inde 2018 (11)

India is the native country for many Reunion people. So Tamil Sangam maintains a strong relation with India and invited the new consul to meet us. Reunion is the only region in France with a third of its population from India. To welcome the new consul of India is symbol of this attachment to our mother land, can never forgot the country of our descendents, although the distance and the years seperated us.

India is our present and our future

In fact, India not only traces our past, but also marks our culture. In order to wake our conscience the association Tamil Sangam has released the Dipavali festival at the Reunion since 90s. Indian economy attracts the western countries, so the french President Emmanuel Macron is  on an official visit to conclude bilateral exchange between our two countries. As Reunion people of Indian origin are close to India by nature, we should be given priority to this bilateral Franco-Indian relations.

Priority to Reunion for Franco-Indian relationships

This is not yet the case, which is why we have to establish our own bilateral relations with the land of the ancestors. What we did while receiving the Indian Consul as it should, in the presence of an elected representative of the Region-Meeting and local artists. Thus the reception began with Tamil dance performances by the troupe kalyugam of Saint-Leu and India Valini, music by Antou and singing by Kenaelle who sang her most popular song.

Beginning of a fruitful cooperation

Then the president of the association, the officials and the consul gave a speech intended to reaffirm the relations between our two countries and introduce the work that will be implemented by each. In addition, the consul was surprised to see the many commonalities between Reunion and India and said he felt a little like home. Thanks to this reception offered by the association Tamij-Sangam, we have thus obtained the beginning of a cooperation that will, we hope, be fruitful on all levels, for the Reunionese and India.

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