About Tamil Sangam

Our Reunion Island prefigures the world of tomorrow. The generosity and good sense of the Reunion people are far from the passions and extremisms tearing the world apart, gathered people from different horizons to handle their destiny.

Our heritage

How to share our past history transmitted by our descendents? How to step forward seeking the force, to deepen our millennial contribution to a French Island in the Indian Ocean? By this beautiful challenge common to all Reunion people and thanks to the responsibility of each of us, the Creole metamorphoses more and more like man in the lost island but as an universal man who feels at home, from China to Europe and from Africa to India!

Our Creolity

The art of “living together” has given us an great treasure called love for neighbor. Tamij Sangam has been involved in this great challenge since 1989! The cultural landscape is no longer the same. The definition of Creole has changed. We are happy to have initiated this change against wind and tide and to collect today the fruits of our conviction and our determination.

Although, many projects still to be developped, the Tamij Sangam team have invested on this long action with the new talented generation to strengthen our actions and events. This SANGAM generation is getting married at the temple; practice religion assiduously, opens to cultural life, gives Hindu names to their children etc.

This website will allow our association to sensibilise that Dravidian breath came from here, this south pole, can awaken beyond the shores the Dravidian consciousnesses around the world !

Our goals

Founded in September 1989 by activist back to the roots and identity affirmation, the association is very active from its very first year: the first Tamil gathering the whole island to organize the New Year on April 14, 1990 on the rue de Paris in Saint-Denis, creation of the quarterly magazine SANGAM, first Dipavali in Saint-André, on October 17, 1990.The association claims a Reunion calendar of holidays with the New Year and the festival of light, and another holiday for any personal religious practice.

Dr Chanemougame Selvam

Tamil Sangam President

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